Pogo Pin Magnetic Charging Connection for Educational Robotics.

The evidence indicates that robotics education is beneficial in fostering information literacy and technological literacy in primary and secondary schools, as well as improving the innovative and practical abilities of primary and secondary school students. Intelligent educational robots that play an active role in children’s education, such as LEGO Robotics Programming, have been developed in both software and hardware. These robots are relatively mature, allowing children to experience the fun of learning through hands-on assembly, experimentation, programming, and robot design. This hands-on practice improves hands-on practice, innovative thinking, and comprehensive application.


Sunmon’s research and development engineers promptly responded to customer needs and developed a Pogo Pin Magnetic Charging Connection, comprising a male connector and a female connector that can be connected to each other. The male connector comprises a male substrate, a ring-shaped first magnetic suction piece, and a first contact probe, which is embedded in the male substrate. The female connector includes a female substrate, a ring-shaped second magnetic suction piece, and the same number of second contact probes as the first.


The female end connector comprises a female end substrate, a second magnetic suction member in the form of a ring, and a second contact probe in the same number as and corresponding to the first contact probe. The first and second magnetic suction members are attracted to each other, and the first and second contact probes are connected through the PCB board, which is automatically adsorbed and can be blindly inserted, providing the user with a convenient connection.


The current global phenomenon of scientific and technological advancement is accompanied by an accelerating process of electronisation, which presents a series of increasingly complex challenges to the field of connection technology. After a period of 14 years of development and accumulation, Sunmon has established an independent and comprehensive research and development system in the domains of Pogo Pin charging connection and precision components. In addition to educational robots, Toplink provides one-stop interdisciplinary precision component solutions from conceptualisation to mass production for customers in the global smartphone, smart wearable, smart home, smart healthcare, Internet of Things, 5G communication, device manufacturers and automotive industries. In the future, we will make great efforts to add heavy innovations and drive the sustained and high-quality development with innovations.