2pin magnetic connector cable

2pin magnetic connector is available for ordering tablets.

The popularity of 2pin magnetic connector applications is on the rise.


Sunmon has developed a 2-pin magnetic charging solution for tablet PCs, which can be ordered. The male end is a magnetic charging seat bracket, enabling the tablet to be placed directly on the magnetic pogopin charging base. This contact charging function can be realised.


2Pin tablet magnetic charging connector advantages:

1. The female end of the 2PIN magnetic connector is on the tablet, and the male end is on the stand.

2. The male and female connectors have magnets on the S and N poles, which can be used to connect.

3. The male and female connectors are designed as DIP structures, which makes them easy to assemble and weld.

4. The spring pin has good durability and a stable contact.


Sunmon has been dedicated to providing customers with high-quality, high-performance pogopin spring pin magnetic connectors and solutions. Sunmon adheres to the international quality system standards for production and management in order to guarantee that each connector product meets the high quality expectations of customers. Pogopin spring pin magnetic connectors are widely used in automotive, electronics, medical, smart home and other fields, providing supporting services for major brand owners and suppliers.