Choose sunmon for customizing different magnetic connector structures, multiple technical design teams, continuous research on the shape and use of connectors, many years of design and development experience, according to industry requirements, application goals and equipment uses, provide free design application solutions , 7 days to produce proofing samples, several advanced testing instruments, and carry out various environmental tests on its equipment, so that our equipment can operate smoothly under different conditions.

Sunmon continues to innovate in the development of the magnetic connector structure, with continuous improvements in high current, corrosion resistance, high and low temperature, and small spacing, making the connection faster, more reliable, and easier. Now you can choose to order ipx8 waterproof to improve the reliability of electronic products water resistance.

The appearance of the connector is changeable, and the equipment of different applications will have certain changes in various situations. sunmon focuses on the development of a variety of magnetic connector structures. Over the years, it has solved the connector needs of thousands of companies. Three More than a thousand non-standard custom-made models can be selected at will, and each order will be shipped on schedule for many years. 7*24 hours of manual customer service, excellent after-sales service follow-up, has been recognized by many customers.

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