The internal structure design of the Pogo Pin refers to the mechanical and electrical properties of the Pogo Pin, environmental performance and other aspects of the Pogo Pin, the needle is one of the core components of the Pogo Pin. There are four common design options, namely tapered structure, tapered plus ball, one-piece through-hole structure and reverse hole structure.


1. Pogo Pin Chamfered Structure

To ensure that the pin shaft is 100% in contact with the needle tube during operation, we cut the end of the pin shaft that is in contact with the spring into a tapered surface, and this design concept can keep the low impedance stable.

Advantages: small and stable resistance, can ensure that the needle shaft and the wall of the tube in close contact, greatly reducing the risk of instantaneous power failure.


2、Pogo pin slant plus ball structure

In order to make the contact more stable, add steel beads or insulating beads inside the needle tube to reduce the current through the spring, so that the steel balls inside the spring needle more stable contact, the performance of electrical performance will be better.

Advantages: high passage current, low contact impedance, stable performance.


3、Integrated through-hole structure

Through-hole spring needle is the best choice for small size and large current, the current from the needle shaft straight through, can be in the inner wall of the needle tube received oil and other insulating media pollution, normal energized and unaffected. It has great advantages in the application of specific industrial fields.


4, Pogo pin anti-drilling structure

This design is the best choice for small size connectors, in small size to meet customer demand for elasticity, because the spring length of this design can be more than the length of the pin tube, in some cases of space constraint, we hollowed out the inside of the pin shaft to make the spring has a larger mounting space, so you can get a stable spring force and relatively large compression stroke.


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