Our common round 2pin magnetic connector actually has only one pin pin. So how does it act as a positive and negative charge?

SUNMON’s circular 2PIN magnetic connector, which is commonly referred to in the industry as a 2pin, does not actually have two separate pin-pin contacts. Instead, it is designed in a clever manner to function as a single contact, with the positive terminal situated in the centre, while the shell copper bushing serves as the negative terminal. This unique design allows the connector to efficiently accomplish charging tasks in a limited space.

The centre portion of SUNMON’s circular round 2pin magnetic connector is responsible for the positive terminal, which is the core of the entire connector and is responsible for transmitting the current. The copper jacket of the housing, on the other hand, acts as the negative pole and is integrated into the entire structure of the connector, which saves space and ensures the stable transmission of current. This design allows the connector to realise the positive and negative charging functions while being compact, which is ideal for scenarios where space is constrained. Whether in consumer electronics, smart home appliances or other electronic devices, the circular 2PIN magnetic connector demonstrates its unique advantages. It can not only meet the needs of the device for charging, but also ensure the safety and stability of the charging process. As scientific and technological progress continues, it seems inevitable that this highly efficient and convenient connector will become more widely used, thereby enhancing the convenience of our lives.