Smart wearable electronic devices basically have a light and delicate appearance, especially smart glasses, which must be kept very light and small, which makes the assembly of internal parts more complicated. In this case, sunmon has developed several pogopin smart Wearable connectors, according to various smart wearable devices, optimize the distance, volume and performance of the connectors, so that they can be well used in smart bracelets, smart watches, smart glasses and other devices.

Technology has changed the world, the world is within reach, and various technologies are developing rapidly. Now smart glasses have more and more functions, such as myopia prevention, eye tracking, gesture control, voice control and other functions. Many smart glasses brands are vying for the first place , but with the increase in functions, the inevitable increase in internal components, not to mention the need for smart glasses to maintain a small size, which makes the size and performance control of the internal pogopin smart wearable connector more complicated.

When sunmon cooperates with many smart wearable device manufacturers, it provides free design solutions. In order to better adapt the devices, from the initial research and development, there are many professional connector technology R&D personnel, and the connectors are continuously optimized. The small size, Stable and fast high current, still maintain good electrical and physical properties in various environments, to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, a number of pogopin smart wearable connector development experience, 48 hours to quickly provide design solutions, 7 days to produce samples, committed to To provide customers with high-quality, high-quality products and services.

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