Smart home appliances are affected by technology. The ecological home system composed of various smart products has been highly sought after since its existence. When smart electronic products are used, fast and reliable connections are inevitable. Sunmon’s 5pin magnetic connector, magnetic The formulation of the formula meets the needs of electronic products for automation, and the reliable high-current connection ensures the stable operation of the product.

With the development of various home intelligence, for example, many TVs are not only used to play videos, but also add various interactive functions such as video chatting, taking pictures, and game interaction. The principle is to add a camera to the TV. equipment, and as users pay more and more attention to privacy protection, the built-in camera must not be as convenient as the external connection, so many manufacturers have promoted the external camera with magnetic suction connection, which is connected in the form of magnetic force, plug and play, and easy to disassemble. The 5pin magnetic suction connector of sunmon uses the mutual attraction of magnets, and it can automatically connect and power on when it is close to each other. It is very smart and fast, and is widely used in many smart products.

The sunmon 5pin magnetic suction connector can not only connect reliably on smart home appliances, but also can choose to formulate various levels of waterproof characteristics to ensure that electronic products are prone to failure when exposed to water. It has solved the connection needs of thousands of companies. Focus on providing customers with excellent products and services.

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