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A waterproof pogopin learning tablet connector with stable connection, support customization [sunmon]

sunmon’s pogopin learning flat connectors ensure high-current, high-reliability connections for products, and are widely recognized by 3C digital smart electronics manufacturers. The early education industry has always been concerned by many people. Since the release of the Apple ipad in 10 years, it has had a great impact on the industry market. At the same time, the emergence of learning tablets has also been recognized by many people, especially in recent years. , the epidemic broke out, and online teaching soon became popular in our country, which also created a huge tablet market. Many product manufacturers competed, and the functions were constantly updated. At the same time, the requirements for internal parts were getting higher and higher. , especially this type of product usually has the requirement of convenient portability, and the product should not be too large or too heavy.

Nowadays, in addition to its functions, many people are concerned about products such as learning tablets such as their appearance, battery charging, waterproof, etc. For this reason, many manufacturers have abandoned complicated wiring connections and adopted sunmon The pogopin learning flat connector, light and small product design and reliable and stable high current, ensure excellent connection and battery charging for the product. At the same time, in order to better prevent equipment failure caused by product water seepage, for This can be customized to develop the waterproof function of the connector and improve the characteristics of the product.

Advanced production equipment and experienced technicians are the reasons why many panel manufacturers around the world use sunmon’s pogopin to learn panel connectors. Twelve years of experience in connector production have provided customers with high-quality, high-quality connectors for a long time product.

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