With the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology, smart glasses, as a cutting-edge human-computer interaction device, are gradually changing our way of life. AK LOOK glasses are smart glasses designed to protect the eyesight of young people. The product uses scientific training principles to exercise eyesight. Partial vision, known as portable black technology glasses. For this AI glasses, sunmon provides a circular 8pin pogo pin magnetic suction connector, which adopts a magnetic suction design to achieve automatic adsorption, stable docking, and provides battery power for the device.


The connector interface of AI glasses is its bridge with external devices and the Internet. Through this 8pin circular pogo pin magnetic connector interface, users can easily connect the glasses with smartphones, computers, smart home devices and other devices to achieve data sharing and control operations. The flexibility and openness of this interface makes AI glasses have wider application potential.


As a kind of wearable electronics, AI glasses have been developing in the direction of convenience and thinness, and are relatively small in size and volume. Therefore,sunmon has undergone many optimizations in the early stage of developing the pogo pin magnetic connector. Adjustment, the thickness does not exceed 5.0mm, to meet the application of the equipment as much as possible, and the positioning posts are designed on both sides, when docking, even if there is vibration, the connector will not be misaligned.


The 8pin pogo pin magnetic suction connector can pass 1-3A current and meet the conventional 48-hour salt spray test. The magnet has two ends of s/n. When the direction is wrong, there will be repulsion, which can reach 3-5 Tens of thousands of regular insertions and insertions meet the daily applications of consumer electronics.

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