Use magnetic attraction to realize automatic connection, not affected by the environment and strength, enjoy free docking, and promote the experience of using smart products. This is the smart wear pogopin connector, which is used in smart watches, smart clothing, smart shoes and other industries. The whole is composed of pogo pins, plastic, and magnets. When the plug is close to the socket, they are magnetically attracted together to achieve a fast and stable connection.


Interface charging and data transmission are two common applications of electronic equipment. Both of them need to be transmitted through connectors, which will cause continuous repeated plugging and unplugging. When Shuangmeng Electronics cooperated with customers to develop smart wearable pogopin connectors, it took this into consideration. It improved the structure of pogo pins and plastics to meet daily use. It can withstand 30,000 to 50,000 times of plugging and unplugging without problems, and achieves long-term charging contact with simple operations.


The interfaces of smart wearable products on the market are basically not uniform, and the structure of the interface is even more different. The functional requirements of smart wearable devices are diversified. Compared with traditional connectors, smart wearable pogopin connectors are easier to customize, and the mold opening time is short and the cost is low. After customization, it is more in line with the structure of the product.


Smart wearable pogopin connector, as an innovative connection technology, brings advantages such as convenience, stability and durability to smart wearable devices. Its application in charging interface, data transmission and modular design makes smart wearable devices more intelligent, convenient and personalized.

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