The birth of the LED light magnetic connector provides great convenience for charging. Compared with the traditional connection method in the past, the production of magnetic suction stands out for its quick control and humanized production. Now many smart products such as mobile phones and tablets Computers, wireless earphones, AR glasses, smart watches and other electronic products all use magnetic connection. The unique design is very popular among buyers.


Its sunmon LED light magnetic connector is convenient and quick to connect, no positioning is required, and the N/S automatic suction of the magnet reduces the connection steps, and the pogo pin is used for contact conduction, which has a long service life and the pogo pin In the product, disassembly is also more convenient, and it can be better updated and replaced in the later stage. According to the requirements of the market and customers, you can choose and customize the appearance of various models, and various structures such as direct insertion, vertical insertion, side sliding, etc. , to improve the choice of device connection methods.


Pogo pins for LED lamp magnetic connectors can choose inclined plane structure, inclined plane plus ball structure, double contact structure, reverse drilling structure, several different designs, you can choose the appropriate structure according to the application of the product, if you have the corresponding Requirements, welcome to consult Shuangmeng Electronics at any time.

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