The main components of the pogopin magnetic charging cable are pogo pins and magnets. It is an upgraded version based on the traditional data line transmission scheme. Usually, the life of the magnetic charging line can easily reach about 50,000 times, mainly because of the life of the pogo pin. , Generally, it has certain advantages over other connectors. The contact connection will not cause excessive wear every time it is docked, so the service life is longer.


The pogopin magnetic charging cable can realize all the functions of the traditional cables on the market, and the magnetic design is more convenient, more fashionable, and more waterproof. It is usually seen on wearable electronics such as smart watches, with a small size. The design, as well as the high current transmission, are favored by major enterprises, and with the protection of the whole machine, it can easily achieve ipx7 waterproof and solve the problems of equipment water ingress.


Sunmon has a number of experienced connector development engineers who can provide customers with standard products and customized options, professional technicians, and one-to-one technical services. The products are widely used in the 3C digital electronics industry. You can contact us at any time. Shuangmeng Electronics, the manufacturer of pogopin magnetic charging cable, provides you with a worry-free one-stop service.

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