In the past, the charging methods of smart watches basically used USB or TYPE-C interface, but in recent years, after the launch of magnetic connectors and magnetic cables, they quickly occupied the mainstream position in the market. Electronic equipment engineers who have never used or want to try the magnetic charging solution will do research to compare the magnetic charging of watches and USB, which is better.


In fact, which is better for watch magnetic charging or USB? Magnetic suction can realize high-frequency signal transmission, which can replace the traditional USB2.0 function. It is a very mature and reliable advantageous solution for smart watches to use magnetic suction connector charging. 2A current can also be used to support 3-10A high current with inclined plane + ball structure. The plastic shape should be light, thin and compact, and can be IP65/IP67 waterproof. The number of pins commonly used is 1Pin/2Pin/4Pin, with strong adsorption.


Looking at the high-end smart watches on the market, most of them now use magnetic charging solutions. Because the USB interface cannot exceed high current, is not waterproof, needs to be plugged and unplugged, it is easy to wear, and has a short service life. It can be solved, so after comparing and verifying which one is better, magnetic charging or USB, I believe that high-quality products will use the magnetic connector method.

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