When many people visit Huawei’s digital specialty store, they will see the Huawei children’s watch pogopin base with a magnetic charging spring pin male seat. The watch is designed with a contact female seat that is flush with the device. Gently placing the watch on the charging base can automatically adsorb and charge, ensuring stability and preventing it from falling.


As a type of small electronic product, telephone watches are mostly designed with 2Pin magnetic connectors. The same applies to the Pogopin base of this Huawei children’s watch. The charging base is equipped with two brass gold-plated spring pins, and the watch has two contacts, achieving a user-friendly automatic adsorption interface. The operation is simple, supporting high current transmission and fast charging speed, achieving high-frequency signal transmission, and can replace traditional USB2.0 functions, Humanized anti drop design, magnet positioning, with anti drop and anti power off functions.


In addition to Huawei’s pogopin base application solution for children’s watches, sunmon also has application solutions for magnetic connectors and magnetic charging wires for wearable devices such as smart bracelets and Smartglasses. The magnetic design requires no plugging, and has a long service life. The functional transmission of 1 million times of adsorption charging is stable and reliable. The magnet mechanism is protected by dual circuits. Welcome to choose sunmon, a manufacturer in the connector industry for 12 years, to provide you with one-stop service in the design+production supply chain.

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