With the advent of the information age, data transmission is the fundamental application of many electronic devices. Pogopin data, current, and signal transmission interfaces are currently a common type of device interface, and there is also a common interface nowadays. The two interfaces are widely used in industries such as digital electronics, automotive electronics, medical electronics, and industrial electronics. So, what are the differences between the two? Next, let’s explore them.


In terms of interface, the difference between the two is that the pogopin data interface is a contact type connection, which means the top is compressed and can conduct electricity, while the interface is a plug-in type connection and has a fixed and immutable body shape. In some application scenarios, the application of the interface will inevitably cause the device casing to be too large and ugly, which is particularly evident in small electronic devices such as electronic pens, smartwatches, and smart rings.


Many device manufacturers always worry about various situations when experiencing the Pogopin data interface for the first time. In fact, the design of the contact spring pin connector interface is already mature today, with a variable appearance and high current transmission, which can often be seen in various electronic industries. If you have corresponding needs or questions, please feel free to contact Sunmon at any time.

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