Pogo pin-based electrical connector components have the characteristics of good stability and excellent electrical performance. The more common design is basically a needle on one side, but there are also double-headed spring gold-plated probes with a needle design at both ends. , both sides can be pressed and compressed, and the surface layer is designed with plating to improve the wear resistance of the double-ended connector, and the connector composed of different plating thicknesses can reduce the manufacturing cost under the premise of improving performance.


Small machines are relatively common designs nowadays. The increasingly compact internal space makes the connectors smaller and smaller. The design of spring gold-plated probes is suitable for basic applications in small spaces. Its contact performance is better than that of shrapnel or The connector type is more stable. Although the pogo pins are not large, there are various types, such as double-headed, flat-bottomed, plug-in, soldered, bent, and side-mounted. , using different types.


Spring gold-plated probes with different coatings have different application fields. In terms of common smart wearables, there are many gold-plated and nickel-plated pogo pins. Some equipment that will be exposed to mild chemical products also have plated Combined plating such as rhodium ruthenium and gold plating improves the performance of the connector.

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