With the rapid growth of the consumer electronics industry in recent years, the design of pogo pins has also tended to be miniaturized, so as to fit the general trend of thin devices today, such as the watch connector of Shuangmeng Electronics, the pogopin connector of Bluetooth headsets, Products such as smart glasses connectors have been optimized in terms of volume and spacing, and at the same time increased their resistance to the external environment. No matter in high and low temperature, salt spray, or easily corroded conditions, they can still build stable Connection.


In the past few decades, the miniaturization of electronic equipment has been the direction of global equipment manufacturers. Therefore, the volume of internal connectors has also changed according to changes in equipment, such as smart watches and smart watches, which are very popular among young people in recent years. Bluetooth earphones are loved by users because of their stylish appearance, small size, and many functions. Therefore, the internal parts have strict standards in terms of volume. Research and development, widely used in smart watches, bracelets, glasses and other electronic products.


Bluetooth earphone pogopin connector research and development custom manufacturers, can customize the size, waterproof, current, voltage and other electrical and physical properties of the connector according to the needs, provide a stable connection for the device, the raw materials are in line with environmental protection, and have passed rohs/ISO environmental certification, can provide The test proves that it is a source of strength for 12 years.

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